There was an FB meme about complaining and negative energy that came to my attention recently.

Why insist on maintaining that portal?

I’ve been thinking lately that the flow state exists intertwined with our distractions and insistence on resistance.

“The better we let go the better we go.” DavidLWhite

Hmmm … maybe a quotable there!



    1. express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event.
      “local authorities complained that they lacked sufficient resources”
  • synonyms:

      • state that one is suffering from (a pain or other symptom of illness).
        “her husband began to complain of headaches”


Collapse is a noun
that makes it sound
like a singular event
it was
it went

or something in a
future tense
yet when you admit it
you’re in the thick of it
it is more the
tick tock of dominoes
out of sight
out of mind
it might


4:05 a.m.
December 7th 2014

© David L White

More poetry here.

Hi Janet,

Bernie just called to tell me how much she appreciates my book. (Drive Time)

“I’m not a book reader, just so you know.” she says. 

And something about my comic genius. 

My goodness. How incredibly sweet.

Thank you for making that gift possible.




You’re welcome.

I wish Bernie could write a review for you. It would put mine to shame. Did she tell you she read half the book the first day, and couldn’t wait to read the rest the next day. And then she read the book all over again. And it sounds like she plans to read it several times more!

She thought she also would like your poetry book, so if you wouldn’t mind sending one to her it would be a great gift. And if you write another Shuttle Dave book, put her on the top of your list. 

Did she also tell you that if the world was full of Pats and Davids, it would be a great world!! 

Happy Holidays to you and Pat!

Keep writing—and keep that “comic genius” flowing!


Give a smile. Get a smile. Feel better instantly. You can do this,




You remember that flash that lit up the … universe? Me, too. But not right now. It popped, flashed, and twinkled to ground. I saw it. It was brilliant. That insight explained so much. And this is all I have to offer regarding that experience.

It was an uplifting fragmentation. It was the incremental dismantling of duality. And the  lightning clarity involved a few simple words. I was there at the crack of the universe – moments ago and now – the flash over – the relative darkness returns.

Christmas is coming. Or maybe your birthday. Start making a list. There may be a quiz.

Sometimes I hear it – a calling.

New post from ShuttleDave:

“I wonder if the flow state is usually available except for the force and friction we put against it.” ~ David L. White


P.S. I did want to tell you that I ordered, received, and just finished David’s book – Drive Time – Real People Stories.

Great book! I felt as tho I was in the back seat half the time just riding along.

David has a great way of writing things and putting his thoughts down, making you feel as if you were right there. I learned things about Pat I never knew also. He has a real talent. Great book.

Better run. I’m late for feeding calves. I’ll be writing more soon. Love, Mare.

Thanks, cousin Mare. I had no idea you were interested.

Love, David

“I wonder if the flow state is usually available except for the force and friction we put against it.” ~ DavidLWhite


How much is enough?

Fiction story writers will tell us that their characters will occasionally pipe up and say something that they the writer didn’t know was coming.

When taking the time out to journal about your life experience you will find the same thing happening to you. Something new.

The question to bring to mind once in awhile is this: How much is enough?

Or, from another angle – if I ask you what you want you will probably start listing things you do not have. You assume that you will keep the things you already have. It’s not a fair assumption.

If you list what you want and I magically give it to you your life will become unrecognizably barren. You will not recognize your own life.

So, start the list of what you want with what you already have.

Think about this ….

How much is enough?

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